Join us for the 1st Annual Benicia Ghost Conference!

Benicia Veterans Memorial Hall, 1150 First St. Benicia, CA 94510
Saturday, August 17, 2013

Check In and Breakfast at 8:00am, Event ends at 7:00pm

$150 Ticket Includes:

-Breakfast Meet and Greet with Josh Gates

-Presentation by Josh Gates

-Mediumship Show with Linda Grindel (The Famous Stand Up Psychic)

-Appearance by Movie Star Kelli Maroney


-Vendor Fair


Celebrity Guest List

Josh Gates: World adventurer (and international monster hunter) Josh Gates has careened through nearly 100 countries, investigating frightening myths, chilling cryptozoological legends,and terrifying paranormal phenomena. Known as "The Face of SYFY", Josh is the host of the hit travel-adventure series, Destination Truth. In addition, Josh hosts Ghost Hunters Halloween Live and other special events for the channel throughout the year.

His travels have taken him to some of the most remote and treacherous locations on earth, from a terrifying night alone in King Tut's tomb to the radioactive shadow of Chernobyl. An avid scuba diver, Josh has participated in sub-sea archaeological excavations in the Mediterranean, and as a photographer, he's traveled from sweltering African villages to the icy heights of the Himalayas. In addition, he has scaled "the roof of Africa" on Mt. Kilimanjaro, climbed on Aconcagua, the tallest mountain in the Americas, and sailed to the shores of Antarctica at the bottom of the world.

In recognition of his adventures and work around the globe, Josh was recently inducted into the prestigious Explorers Club in New York. Josh holds degrees in archaeology and drama from Tufts University and is available for appearances and speaking engagements around the world. Josh is currently producing a paranormal series called Stranded for the SYFY channel.

Kelli Maroney: Kelli is an actress in Film, TV and stage. She came on the scene in Daytime TV as the teen vixen Kimberly in RYAN'S HOPE and as Tina in ONE LIFE TO LIVE, although she is probably best known as a teenage 80s Icon in Sci-Fi/Horror classic cult films such as NIGHT OF THE COMET, CHOPPING MALL, and other independent films. She has appeared in many TV guest spots, (most recently TRUE BLOOD) and is currently developing and starring in a web series, SPACE COWGIRL: A Paranormal Dramedy About Falling Through The Cracks.

Kelli's spirituality and passion for the paranormal has been the core of her life since childhood. In the past, she has shared her knowledge of astrology, tarot, mysticism and spiritual practice in private readings, but with our entrance into the Aquarian Age knows that it is time for us all to share our paths openly.

Now a certified IKTA Kundalini Yoga Teacher (as taught by Yogi Bhajan) as well, Kelli also teaches a very simple, yet profound technology for people to easily, quickly and practically raise their vibration to accelerate into the new energy of the 5th dimension--to rise above the confusion we all feel--"What's going ON?!"---and come into peace, happiness and Light. We are manifesting more quickly now and it is a good idea to manifest consciously.

"You must become so happy that others become happy just by being around you." - Yogi Bhagan

Linda Grindel: Taken to her Comanche tribe in Oklahoma as an infant by her mother - Linda was told by the "medicine man" she had the "third eye". Raised by parents who were atheists Linda held back her ability to see spirits from the other side. It wasn't until 1980 when Linda met a psychic in Laguna Beach who identified her gifts and supported her to open the door - so to speak - thus she became a full blown psychic medium. Throughout her 33+ year career, Linda has been privileged enough to serve some of the most well-known figures in entertainment, politics and business. She has read for several Academy Award winners as well as world-renowned musicians and globally-recognized political figures.

Linda is currently doing a web series as the "Stand Up Psychic". Linda also performs as a Stand Up Comedian in forums such as the San Jose Improv, Cobbs Comedy Club, The Punchline, Tommy T's, etc.

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